Super Tips to Read Environmental Print with ELL Students

How to Read Environmental Print 

Reading Environmental Print with ELL Students

environmental print
McDonalds – ELL’s  can read this logo.

The most often overlooked way of learning to read is environmental print. Books are not the only way that students  learn to read. Scores of early reading experiences happen even before school starts. 

Environmental print is familiar signs that a child recognizes in their life.  Even before they know what the word says, they know what it means.  How many children recognize the McDonald’s logo?  Nearly all of them! However, it is what you can do next that makes this learning exciting!

Print Logos from Internet

Once your student recognizes signs, print the logo from the Internet. Next, make a “read-it-yourself” book using the logo. Use a few simple words on each page when you tell the story about the time they saw that logo. You can even have your students  help you with the writing! Remember to use the child’s name in the book. Finally, read the book just like you read other books. This will quickly become their favorite!

environmental print
Some environmental print keeps you safe.

Which logos are important?  The ones that teach safety, or the ones that brings positive memories.  It can even be an event that started out to be a little stressful.  A trip to the hospital for a broken arm may seem stressful.  A book about that event after it is over will help them remember everything turned out fine. This print is really great for early reading experiences.

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It’s Your Turn:

Read Environmental Print

  • Notice signs
  • Point to the sign when you see it
  • Name the sign
  • Read the sign

Print Environmental Print

  • Print environmental print logos from the Internet
  • Make a book with the logos
  • Keep the book and the memory forever
  • Reread the book often

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