Ideas to Acquire Fine Motor Skills

Develop Fine Motor Skills for Writing 

Create Opportunities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

fine motor skills

Provide opportunities for cutting and painting.

When your preschoolers have developed gross-motor skills they are ready to work on fine motor skills. They need lots of opportunities to use their hands and fingers. The more often they grip a marker, pencil, or scissors, the better. Merging these activities into play is best, but also practice dressing skills like using buttons and zippers. This helps develop the muscle control they need for preschool and early writing.

Use Play to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Next, it is important to keep all this merged with play to make it fun.  Try making maps or roads on heavy paper to drive their toy cars. Let them cut out paper dolls to play with in their playhouse. You may be tempted to do the drawing and cutting for them, but resist!  You can help and guide, but the way they get better at it is to do it themselves. Make sure you make a big fuss about what a great job they did. Even if the lines are not even and the cutting is jagged! It encourages them to try again! Remember to try creative and practical ways to build fine-motor skills in your preschooler.

  1. fine motor skills

    Preschoolers love to dress themselves.

    Glue things onto paper

  2. Clap hands to music
  3. Touch fingers when singing nursery rhymes
  4. Button and unbutton their shirts
  5. Work a zipper on a jacket
  6. Put on a hat
  7. Build forts with blocks
  8. Complete puzzles with five or more pieces
  9. Manipulate pencils and crayons well enough to color and draw
  10. Copy a circle or cross onto a piece of paper
  11. Cut out simple shapes with safety scissors

Connect fine motor skills with gross motor skills…….read more

Ways to Develop Gross Motor Skills


Emerging Gross Motor Skills in Preschoolers  Gross Motor Skills in 4-5 Year Olds Emerging gross motor skills are not present in all children when they enter school.  If your child does not have well-developed gross-motor skills then this blog is valuable for you! Why?  Slow gross motor skills are an early warning sign that problems • Read More »


It’s Your Turn:

Opportunities for fine motor skills

  • Color and draw
  • Cut with safety scissors
  • Button shirts and zip jackets
  • Develop muscle control

Play for fine motor skills

  • Play with puzzles and blocks
  • Use imagination for creative play
  • Clap to nursery rhymes and songs
  • Establish fine-motor control

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