Ways to Make Sure Your Toddler Learns to Listen

Teach Your Toddler to Listen

Your toddler can learn to listen

listen about raspberries

Yummy, yummy, raspberries in your tummy!

You should take every opportunity to talk to your child!  The conversation may feel one sided but rest assured your toddler is taking in everything you say.  Have fun conversations throughout the day.  Talk about the food you prepare, the clothes you choose, the weather, your pets, the toys you play with, the activities of the day – whatever you can think of – share!  Don’t be afraid to make up silly rhymes.  “The fat cat sat on the mat how about that?”  Speaking, listening, and rhyming are all great ways to develop vocabulary in your toddler.  Lastly, remember to be a good listener yourself when your toddler is sharing their first words and phrases.

Be creative when speaking

listen to sounds the animals make

“Moo,” said the cow. “Buzzzz,” said the bee.

Use descriptive words when speaking.  Jazz up your language to keep your toddlers attention.  Use sounds and gestures when portraying animals they are learning about.  Toddlers books and puzzles often focus on pets, farm animals, jungle animals, and dinosaurs.  Make this reading and playing interactive and talk about the animals.  They want to know where they live, how they move, and sounds they make.  When speaking be sure to get close and talk at their level.  It is much more personal and creates a bonding experience.  While you are teaching new vocabulary while speaking remember to also be developmentally appropriate.  You want to sure your toddler is learning and can understand and begin to use your language.

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It’s Your Turn:

Tips for Teaching

  • Talk to your child all the time
  • Make listening fun
  • Make up silly rhymes
  • Model Good Listening

Creative Ideas

  • Use descriptive words and sounds
  • Make reading and playing interactive
  • Get close and talk at eye-level
  • Use language developmentally appropriate

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