Effective Ways to Encourage Toddler’s First Writing

 Drawing is toddler’s first writing

first writing

Toddler’s picture of the whole family!  It even includes a speech bubble.

Toddler’s Drawing 

Drawing is toddlers first writing!  Once toddlers can draw complete circles they can move on to making items look more like what they are talking about. At first toddlers will likely draw stick figures.  That’s ok…..they look real to them.  Don’t be surprised when they tell you a long story about the drawing.  Encourage this as it develops oral language and storytelling too.  Toddlers love to draw pictures of their family (don’t forget to include your pets!).

You can also model drawing pictures.  For example, draw a picture of a tree and put colorful apple shapes on it. They can copy your drawing to the best of their ability.  Of course, their apples may seem more like red globs but that is ok!   Remember to talk about the picture – name the parts, say the names of the colors, you can even count objects.  All of this conversation develops vocabulary which they will later use in their writing.

Forming Letters for Writing

During this toddler stage, children begin to form letters.  Always start with the letters in their names. (Think about this when you are naming your baby. If you make the spelling of their first name difficult it will be a challenge for them when they begin to write!)  You should write their name on a large sheet of paper.  Your toddler can trace or copy the letters in their name under your writing.  Their first approximations may be a little wobbly!  That’s ok!  With repetition and practice they will improve.  Toddlers are very proud of their accomplishment when they write their name.  Be sure to display their work on the refrigerator, a bulletin board or wall whenever possible.

Once they have their name down, they are on their way to writing even more words.  Check out the following links for important writing development and tools at different ages:

Ideas for projects for writing with your child:



It’s Your Turn:


  • Toddler draws circles


    Drawing circles – drawing circles!

  • Toddler draws stick figures/pictures
  • Toddler copies picture
  • Develop drawing skills


  • Write toddler’s name
  • Toddler traces
  • Toddler copies
  • Develop writing skills

Remember to continue to practice learning the ABC’s.

Effective Ways to Teach ABC’s


Learning ABC’s Interest your toddler in learning letters The first step is to interest your toddler in learning their abc’s.  Don’t be surprised if your child resists at first.  The trick is to make it fun!  Read aloud ABC books and point out the letters.  Be sure to discuss the letter names and sounds.  ABC • Read More »

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