Tips for Using Technology with Preschoolers

iPad/Computer Use at School


Preschoolers love using iPads at school!

Whew!  Your child is finally in preschool! But wait…the time goes by so fast!  By the time you get your kids to school, you have less than 2 hours! You are happy though, because your child is in a good school district with cutting edge technology!

Your child will love to talk about what they did with iPads or computers  when they get home from preschool. In order to understand how they are used at school, make an appointment to visit the classroom. You’ll quickly pick up on the “tech language” and how they use the iPads or computers in the classroom.  Connecting with your child and tech by sharing in their experiences will be important for both of you.  Below are some links to find out what tech is recommended for preschool classrooms. But it is not enough.  You have to decide what to bring into your home for your child. That is a big decision.

Technology Use at Home


Install apps your library uses on your tech at home.

When your child gets home from school, talk to your child about their tech experiences that day. Build on these experiences with tech use at home.  Connect your tech experiences to household chores and play.  Your preschooler may want to spend an excessive amount of time on the iPad or computer!  Remember you are the parent and can set up parameters for tech use.  Duplicating the apps your local library uses can be a good start for what you allow your preschooler to use at home.  Take a picture of the apps installed on the iPads or computers at the library and install them on your iPad or computer at home.


It’s Your Turn:

Tech at school

  • Talk about their day
  • Visit the school
  • Preview the technology
  • Become familiar with the “tech-language” that supports early literacy

Tech at home

  • Purchase technology that fits into your budget
  • Select appropriate preschool apps to use for chores and play
  • Model the correct use of the technology at home
  • Make technology part of your everyday life

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