How to Use Technology with Chores, Writing, & Drawing

Technology with Household Chores


Use iPad drawing app with preschoolers!

First, while working on a grocery list for shopping, have your preschooler use a drawing app to draw pictures on your iPad of grocery items you intend to purchase. As a result, drawing on an iPad helps develop fine motor skills just like using crayons and markers.  Next, incorporate technology into everyday chores by using that drawing app to draw their bedroom when it is all picked up! Print the picture and post it in their room. Finally, remind your preschooler what their room is supposed to look like when it is all clean!


Technology with Writing and Drawing

At first, one creative way to develop your child’s imagination is to write and draw stories on an iPad or computer.  Therefore, if they have not been taught this at school, try modeling it at home first with Book Creator. Next, you can tell and draw your story on either an iPad or a computer. See the links below for the apps. In the past one of my son’s favorite stories of his childhood was when his Grandfather used to tell him “fishing tales.” What fun it would have been if they had been able to save that memory in print!  That is one of the greatest advantages to technology.  In addition, anything you draw or create you can save permanently on a hard drive or in the cloud. Therefore, you won’t worry about the paper getting lost, or torn, or yellow with age when you save your treasures electronically. Also, check out some more technology activities in the links below to do with your preschooler at home.


Preschoolers can write and draw stories on iPads!



It’s Your Turn:

Technology and Chores

  • Use drawing app on iPad
  • Write stories on iPad
  • Print stories & pictures from iPad
  • Develop fine motor skills

Technology and Play

  • Write child’s name on iPad
  • Copy letters in name (by child)
  • Illustrate story (by child)
  • Connect story with illustrations


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