Create Social Emotional Connections with Babies!

Social Emotional Growth for Babies

social emotional

New baby – new mom!

In what way can we create social emotional growth in our babies? The truth is we cannot always control all of these experiences. However, when I had my first child,   I asked my mother from my hospital bed…what do you recommend I do with him? And she said talk to him, love him, hold him and he will turn out fine.  That remained valuable guidance because my son did turn out very well. Furthermore, that guidance is the same that experts give new moms today!

Now the issue seems to be time…and especially quality time to be with your baby.  Many moms are working full-time outside the home and do not have as much time as they would like. Stay-at-home moms may have more time to give quality social emotional bonding, but not always. Therefore, it seems we have to carve out opportunities in our busy schedules to make that time happen.

Create Social Emotional Attachments

Bathtime for baby

social emotional

Rubber duckies – always fun in a tub!

Babies usually love bath time plus this is one time that you are sure to be present.  Establish a comfortable bathing spot anywhere you can be eye-level with your young one.  While you wash baby, express affectionate kind words to reassure them and make them feel adored. Inspect the bath water and room to make sure it is the right temperature. Choose non-allergic baby soap then soft towels to dry your baby.  Keep this time as pleasurable as possible and they will connect all your loving talk with this great experience.

Social Emotional Growth:


It’s Your Turn:

Social emotional techniques

  • Talk to your baby in a loving way
  • Touch your baby gently
  • Show loving smiles
  • Develop social emotional security

Social emotional Attachments

  • Set up a bathtime routine
  • Express loving words
  • Create safe environment
  • Connect speaking with emotional bond

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