Tips for Reading with Toddlers

Reading with Toddlers Every Day

Collect Books to have at home

reading library books

Check out books from your library.

Now is the time to collect books for reading at home with your toddler!  Make sure you check out children’s books from your local library.  Also, libraries often have scheduled story times for toddlers with their caregivers.  This is an enjoyable and interactive way to bring books to life.  Another way to build your book collection is to purchase children’s books at thrift stores.  These books are at a very reduced price and usually in very good condition.  You should also consider a children’s magazine subscription.  Toddlers love getting special mail specifically sent to them.  The most important point is to have books and reading material all around the house so your toddler can choose books that interest them.

When and how to read with your toddler

reading to toddler

Read to your toddler and discuss stories before, during, and after reading.

Choose special times of the day to read to your toddler.  Having books all around the house provides opportunity to read during any time you are playing.  It’s  fun to play library at home.  Set out books with their front cover showing.  Your toddler can choose their favorites for you to read to them.  Reading books before nap and bedtimes is a great quiet activity to slow things down after a busy day.  When you choose books to read remember to include fiction, nonfiction and rhyming books.  Having a variety allows you to talk about and discuss books before, during and after reading.  Retelling the story is a great way to recap the beginning,                                                                  middle, and end of fiction books.


It’s Your Turn:

Collect books

  • Check out books from the library
  • Buy books at thrift stores
  • Get a magazine subscription
  • Have books all around the house

Reading – when and how

  • Choose special times of day – play time, before nap, before bed
  • Read aloud a variety of books fiction, nonfiction, rhyming books
  • Talk and discuss books before, during, after reading
  • Retell stories


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