How to Develop Baby’s Brain by Listening to Music!!!


Listening to music…

Music is receiving more attention as a benefit to the developing brain of your baby. This also appears to influence attention and developing speech patterns. However there is debate on the type. The type often depends a lot on what mom and dad enjoy!


Babies enjoy listening to a variety of music.

While the type is debatable, the volume really should not be blaring. Refrain from using music that is deafening to their ears and to your ears as well!  Song with a nice rhythm and rhyme seems to make the most sense for language development.

Why is singing nursery rhymes important?

In years past, it was normal for parents to sing nursery rhymes to their babies and listen to simple songs. Today, some nursery rhymes lack a certain appeal to children. Characters and story lines are dated. Unfortunately, some of this important practice is now absent in families.

If you look around you can find good music that rhymes. Newer rhymes have contemporary characters and provide the same stimulation needed for language development. Here is a link to nursery rhymes you can sing, some old ones and some new ones too.

Helping your baby develop the auditory skill of hearing rhyme is important for phonemic awareness (hearing individual sounds).  Rhyme, or hearing the same ending sounds in words, can be accomplished by more than one form of media.  They can learn to hear rhyme by listening to nursery rhymes as you read. They can also listen to songs that have a simple rhyme, or watch videos or shows that emphasize rhyme.  YouTube has free videos that can teach very young children how rhyme works. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. YouTube has many traditional songs and rhymes that babies learn to love.

So go ahead and play any music you like…volume controlled, of course.  But make sure you interject plenty that has pleasant rhythm and rhyme. That way you can enjoy music with your baby and help their language development.


It’s Your Turn:

Listening to Music

  • music

    Not to loud!

    Play a variety

  • Keep the volume appropriate
  • Listen to rhythm and rhyme
  • Develop baby’s language

Nursery Rhymes

  • Sing a variety of nursery rhymes
  • Share traditional and contemporary rhymes
  • Play YouTube videos of nursery rhymes
  • Develop baby’s phonemic awareness (hearing individual sounds)


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