Tips to Get Babies Talking – Two is Better Than One


Babies Talking and Listening

listening babies talking

Babies listening and talking to each other!

You are in for a treat if you are lucky enough to watch babies  talking and listening! You can experience this scene by setting up play dates or other outings for your child. Although opportunities to develop talking and listening in little babies may be limited but be creative! Plan an outing with a friend and their baby and head for the nearby zoo or children’s museum.  Besides getting the children together, you will have an opportunity to meet new people. Some cities arrange for young moms to get together.  Many community libraries have programs for children like story-time and play activities.

Although there is not agreement about when babies can actually talk to each other, there are reports of babies communicating. Twin babies often have early communication with each other. In addition, some feel that 3-5 month old babies can respond to each                                                                            other emotionally.

Media Use for Listening and Talking

So, developing these listening and talking opportunities may be difficult if you are limited with activities outside the home. Therefore, create these experiences with various medias. For example, YouTube has many hilarious videos of young babies talking to each other or just gurgling and cooing on their own. 

In addition, television often can be very engaging for young children.  You can expose your child to some positive educational experiences on TV or on the Internet.  Therefore, there are many good shows or websites that are especially geared just for babies.

Participate with your child in these experiences rather than using it as a babysitter. In addition, expose your baby to all of these listening and talking opportunities! Turn on the video to save these memories for the future. Finally, laugh and giggle along with your baby and you will create many wonderful experiences well into the talking years.


babies talking

Watching YouTube!

It’s Your Turn:

Babies Talking and Listening

  • Set up baby playdates
  • Attend library story times for babies
  • Communicate through emotions
  • Develop capacity for literacy understanding

Use of Media 

  • Create experiences with media
  • View YouTube baby interactions
  • View baby TV shows
  • Develop experiences for literacy comprehension

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