Toddlers Learn Letter Names

Toddlers can learn letter names

Hear the names of letters

learn letter names stop sign

“S” is for “Stop”

Is your toddler ready to learn letter names?  First, make sure your toddler has heard the names of the letters in the alphabet.  You can easily do this by singing the alphabet song to them.  Also, toddlers can hear the abc’s on preschool tv programs, iPad/smartphone apps, abc video games, and battery operated preschool toys.  Hearing the names of letters will make it easier to read the letters at a later time.  Say letter names you see in everyday life.   “I see “M” for McDonalds”.  “I see “S” for Stop”.  Look for the first letter in your toddler’s name and point that out when possible.  Your may see the first letter in their name on a store sign or street sign.  During play time say the names of letters in ABC puzzles or games.  Read ABC books and have your toddler point and say the names of letters.

Read the names of letters

Your toddler will begin to read the names of letters.  When you stack alphabet blocks  you can

 learn letter names abc blocks

Stack ABC blocks and say names of letters.

choose the letters in your child’s name.  Say each letter individually then read their name.  Your toddler will delight in this “game” and learn to do it themselves.  Repeat this “game” with magnets.  You can do this on your refrigerator or a cookie sheet.  Also, toddlers enjoy making their own little books.  Cut out pictures of familiar animals or objects from old magazines.  Glue each picture on a sheet of paper and write down the first letter and the name of the animal or object.  For example,  “A” is for “Apple”.  “B” is for “Ball”.  Read your letter book to your toddler and have them repeat.  Soon, they will be able to read it on their own!

Fun youtube video for letter names:



It’s Your Turn:

Hear letter names

  • Sing the alphabet song
  • Say letters names seen in everyday life
  • Say letter names in puzzles and games
  • Read alphabet books

Read letters

  • Stack letter blocks and name letters
  • Stick letter magnets and name letters
  • Make your own letter book together
  • Read your letter book

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