Creative Ways to Introduce Baby to Writing!

Baby holding finger develop writing

Babies love to hold fingers.

 Early Writing Development

The earliest writing exercise for a baby is to squeeze small objects.  You can develop baby’s fine motor skills before they are three months old. Hold out your finger to have them grasp it as a first step. Then they will move toward reaching for other items. Baby rattles and small stuffed animals are a great way to develop fine motor skills!

Writing starts with drawing and art so parents can encourage this at an early age. By the time a baby is a year old, they need to be introduced to drawing. Encourage baby to grasp a crayon or marker.  Once they can hold onto a crayon or marker model making lines and scribbles. Remember to use color and name it as you draw!   When they begin to gain more fine motor control you will notice that the scribbles will move toward complete circles.  Praise baby with oohs and aahs whenever they make scribbles or marks on the paper.  Baby will be delighted!

Drawing Pictures

Next, it is the time to begin drawing pictures that resemble things you have talked about.  A fun way to do this is to retell a story that you have just read to them.  Draw the main picture of the story as you tell an important part.  They will be fascinated by what you are doing and begin to imitate you very quickly. Always keep baby-safe paper and non-toxic crayons and markers handy for these special sharing times. Don’t forget to display their masterpieces on the refrigerator or a bulletin board!

Baby’s first art supplies:


It’s Your Turn:

Fine Motor Skills

  • Hold out finger or crayon


    Babies love to scribble!

  • Baby grasps finger
  • Baby grasps crayon
  • Develop fine motor skills

Drawing Pictures

  • Retell a story
  • Draw a picture
  • Baby scribbles
  • Develop drawing skills

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