Ways to Develop Gross Motor Skills

Emerging Gross Motor Skills in Preschoolers

 Gross Motor Skills in 4-5 Year Olds

Emerging gross motor skills are not present in all children when they enter school.  If your child does not have well-developed gross-motor skills then this blog is valuable for you! Why?  Slow gross motor skills are an early warning sign that problems in learning may occur later. However, sometimes it is just a lack of experiences. That is why it is important to include gross motor skill development in your child’s early preschool experiences. Here are some examples of gross motor skills for 4-5 year old preschoolers:

gross motor skills

Jumping rope is a great gross motor skill to practice.            

  • Walk in a straight line forward & backward
  • Perform a forward somersault
  • Skip with alternative feet
  • Walks like other children
  • Begin to jump rope
  • Throw and catch a larger ball
  • Hop and balance on 1 foot
  • Push and pump themselves on a swing
  • Do large drawings with markers across a page

What are some good activities?

There are the traditional activities like swinging, playing at the park, or playing in the yard. Park districts often have activities that are geared just for preschoolers.  If you want to tie the activities to some early academic work, check out this link:


How does gross motor affect fine motor development?

Gross motor activities can affect your preschooler’s ability to do fine motor activities needed for writing and drawing.  Being able to sit up straight with good posture affects the way a child begins to draw and write. Preschoolers need practice in making large movement drawings before they can be expected to draw pictures or form letters.  Use the whole paper with easy-grip markers with for drawing. Try mounting the paper on an upright surface; that is easier for early drawing.  If you see slow development, contact your family doctor.


Read the following for links to fine motor skills:

Ideas to Acquire Fine Motor Skills


Develop Fine Motor Skills for Writing  Create Opportunities to Develop Fine Motor Skills When your preschoolers have developed gross-motor skills they are ready to work on fine motor skills. They need lots of opportunities to use their hands and fingers. The more often they grip a marker, pencil, or scissors, the better. Merging these activities into • Read More »

gross motor skills

Playing at the park is great for motor development.


It’s Your Turn:

 Outside activities
  • Walking/Skipping
  • Hopping/Jumping
  • Throwing/Swinging
  • Practice for early learning

Gross Motor & Fine Motor Connection

  • Encourage good posture
  • Practice large movement before small movement
  • Use easy grip markers first
  • Practice gross motor skills for fine motor skills


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