Effective Ways to Teach ABC’s

Learning ABC’s

Interest your toddler in learning letters


Read colorful ABC books to your toddler!

The first step is to interest your toddler in learning their abc’s.  Don’t be surprised if your child resists at first.  The trick is to make it fun!  Read aloud ABC books and point out the letters.  Be sure to discuss the letter names and sounds.  ABC books always have colorful pictures that will engage your toddler.  So, you can talk about letter names and sounds, colors, names of objects on each page, and so on.  In addition, play with ABC puzzles.  Refrigerator magnets are always fun to move around.  You can spell your child’s name, mom, dad, baby, and other words your toddler knows. When you are outside look for letters in the environment.  Signs and common store names are easy to point out and discuss.

Forming Letters


Play with crackers or cookies that are letter shapes.

During this time toddlers will begin to form letters.  Always start with the letters in their names. You should think about this before naming your baby. Try not to make the spelling of their first name too difficult!  Fun ways to practice writing letters are as follows:

  • Point with finger in the air
  • Form letters in shaving cream in bathtub
  • Trace in sand in a cookie sheet
  • Write with a marker or crayon
  • Trace activity sheets
  • Play with letter shapes

Once they have their name down, they are on their way to writing even before they arrive in kindergarten!

Check out the following link for important writing development and tools at different ages:


When your toddler is ready have them start writing.  Their drawings may even include their abc’s.

Effective Ways to Encourage Toddler’s First Writing


Toddler’s Drawing  Drawing is toddlers first writing!  Once toddlers can draw complete circles they can move on to making items look more like what they are talking about. At first toddlers will likely draw stick figures.  That’s ok…..they look real to them.  Don’t be surprised when they tell you a long story about the drawing.  Encourage this • Read More »


It’s Your Turn:

Interest your toddler

  • Read ABC books
  • Play ABC puzzles
  • Spell with ABC Magnets
  • Learn letter names and sounds

Writing Letters

  • Write with finger in the air
  • Form in shaving cream in bathtub
  • Trace in sand in cookie sheet
  • Write with marker or crayon


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