What to do for Emotional Connection with Baby!

Fixing Supper with Baby

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Take time to talk while chopping vegetables!!

Want to create an emotional bond with your baby???  The kitchen counter is a perfect place to have a baby conversation while you are preparing supper.  Put that baby carrier right next to you and chop vegetables!  Remember to keep the carrier far away from anything hot. Put all your preparation items out first so you don’t have to move too far from that spot. It is a great opportunity to talk about anything. 

Turn on a CD or the radio and listen to soft music while you have your talks. The calming melody is enjoyable for both you and your baby and gives a nice background to almost any conversation.  Avoid trying to watch your TV shows while you cook…make this time about baby and you. Your hands are busy with cooking, but kisses and smiles are the best during this time! Sing along with the music…this music will be some of the songs they remember!


Bedtime with Baby – Create Social Emotional Bond


Baby’s crib and comfy glider.

Even though baby sleeps in a basinet or crib, you can still spend quality time bonding and create a social emotional bond.  Now is a good time to establish a special bedtime song to sing with your little one. There are some old standbys below, or you can create your own special verse.  Make sure it rhymes, has a gentle melody, and you sing it the same way often so they learn it.  This routine will establish a signal to your baby that it is time to relax and settle down to sleep.  Get used to having bedtime with them in their own sleeping area.  That way they do not get too attached to your bed!  Otherwise, you will find them wanting to sleep with you when they get bigger! So pull up a comfortable chair and sing that favorite bedtime song!



Its Your Turn:

Prepare Supper

  • Establish a supper preparation routine
  • Prepare supper with baby nearby
  • Listen to music, sing, have a conversation
  • Create memories to build upon

Bond at Bedtime

  • Establish a soothing bedtime experience
  • Choose a special song to sing
  • Signal bedtime with song
  • Learn rhyme from melody


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