Ways to Develop Listening for Visual Learners


visual baby listening

Visual learners develop listening skills.

Listening for Visual Learners…

Visual connection to listening helps some babies do better from the time they are very young! You can then increase their listening skills using visual stimulation. Listening skills are necessary to develop oral language but you can help this process through what they view. These babies connect to video games, videos, or TV shows that entertain them.  Despite what you may think…responsible listening to these types of media are actually beneficial for your baby!

Nevertheless, be selective when you choose the type of stimulation. Since it changes constantly, play around with several different options and notice baby’s response as they watch it. In addition, when the right media is found, it helps out when you are attempting to get household chores, food preparation, and laundry done!


Use of Bright Colors and Sharp Contrasts

Babies enjoy concentrating on pictures and drawings. Bright colors and sharp contrasts also get their attention. They have a strong memory for things they have seen. Use this strength by orally naming the items to help them remember the vocabulary. Repeat the vocabulary and remember to give eye contact when you talk to your baby.  Seeing, listening and talking all help your baby develop language.

Babies with these learning skills will remember your face sooner than other babies, but they might not necessarily be as talkative.  Encourage the oral language and connect it to their visual strength to increase their literacy. These babies need to develop oral language but are usually great readers even if they may be less talkative.  Finally, these babies typically turn out to be great scholars because of their strong visual memory. In order for them to be well rounded though, you must develop the additional learning modes – namely auditory and kinesthetic.  More about that later!



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It’s Your Turn:

Visual Connection

  • Show simple video games
  • View videos
  • Watch TV shows
  • Increase language skills

Bright Colors and Sharp Contrasts

  • View bright pictures
  • Show pictures with sharp contrast
  • Look at faces
  • Develop reading skills

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