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What to do for Emotional Connection with Baby!

Fixing Supper with Baby Want to create an emotional bond with your baby???  The kitchen counter is a perfect place to have a baby conversation while you are preparing supper.  Put that baby carrier right next to you and chop vegetables!  Remember to keep the carrier far away from anything hot. Put all your preparation items • Read More »

Create Social Emotional Connections with Babies!

Social Emotional Growth for Babies In what way can we create social emotional growth in our babies? The truth is we cannot always control all of these experiences. However, when I had my first child,   I asked my mother from my hospital bed…what do you recommend I do with him? And she said talk • Read More »

Foolproof Ways How to Use Media with Babies

What is appropriate media for babies? Undoubtedly you’ve read news accounts about not allowing your babies to watch television or other forms of media.  Surprise…there is very little research to support the harmful effects of  use on young children. In fact some newer research is showing that well-planned use of media may be helpful in • Read More »

Best Practices to Connect Art and Writing with Baby

Connect Art with Writing for your Baby First of all, early writing activities with baby are connected to art.  You can expand their artistic expression by adding different mediums like finger painting or 3-dimensional play dough creations.  What does this do for your baby? It allows them to create better and better small muscle and • Read More »

Creative Ways to Introduce Baby to Writing!

 Early Writing Development The earliest writing exercise for a baby is to squeeze small objects.  You can develop baby’s fine motor skills before they are three months old. Hold out your finger to have them grasp it as a first step. Then they will move toward reaching for other items. Baby rattles and small stuffed animals • Read More »

Ways to Develop Listening for Visual Learners

  Listening for Visual Learners… Visual connection to listening helps some babies do better from the time they are very young! You can then increase their listening skills using visual stimulation. Listening skills are necessary to develop oral language but you can help this process through what they view. These babies connect to video games, • Read More »

Tips to Get Babies Talking – Two is Better Than One

  Babies Talking and Listening You are in for a treat if you are lucky enough to watch babies  talking and listening! You can experience this scene by setting up play dates or other outings for your child. Although opportunities to develop talking and listening in little babies may be limited but be creative! Plan an • Read More »

Proven Ways of Listening, Talking, and Reading with Babies

  Hear mom’s voice through listening, talking, reading Take time to develop listening by talking and reading to your baby, both before they are born…and especially after!  Listening to your voice before your baby is born comforts your baby!  Even then baby is developing auditory language that is important in early literacy.  Whenever you are • Read More »

Best Ways of Talking, Listening, and Having Conversation with Babies!

Act Now…..Talking, Listening, Conversation Talking, listening, conversation begins early even though your baby isn’t really talking yet.  Begin to have early conversations with your newborn. Take turns “talking” by waiting for your baby to respond with a gaze, a gurgle or a coo.  Give them wait time and maintain eye contact when you are carrying • Read More »

How to Develop Baby’s Brain by Listening to Music!!!

  Listening to music… Music is receiving more attention as a benefit to the developing brain of your baby. This also appears to influence attention and developing speech patterns. However there is debate on the type. The type often depends a lot on what mom and dad enjoy! While the type is debatable, the volume • Read More »