Best Ways To Check Print Concepts

Checking Print Concepts With Your Preschooler


Preschoolers love to handle books and, “read”.

Once you have practiced print concepts with your preschooler you are ready to check what they have learned. Instead of doing self-talk, ask them what to do next.  Say:  “Now where is the front of the book?” to see what they remember.

If they can do most of these and know a few words they are ready to start beginning reading. But start simple!  Beginning books for preschool should have no more than one line of text with a picture.  Any new vocabulary should be represented in the picture. For example:  “I see the door.” with the picture of the door is on the page.

 Questions To Ask

Remember not to act like it is a test.  Just have a conversation and ask them to remind you what you are asking. They will get a kick out of this because they will think you forgot! It builds their self-esteem and makes them feel like a reader!  You can say this: ”Wow!” You really know a lot about reading books!

  • Ask them which is the front and back of the book.
  • Ask them what the author does and what the illustrator does as you point to their names.
  • Which page do I read first?
  • Print concepts


    Show me where I would begin to read.

  • Which direction do I read the words?
  • What should I do when I finish reading this page?
  • Read a short sentence from the book aloud, pointing to each word as he or she reads.  Have them repeat the sentence, pointing to each word as he or she imitates you.
  • After repeating the sentence, ask child to locate a word.


It’s Your Turn:

Book Handling

  • Hold the book
  • Look at the print
  • Look at the pictures
  • Read the words

Print Concepts

  • Practice print concepts
  • Check for understanding
  • Ask questions one at a time
  • Have a conversation


Select a simple picture book to use that is one they haven’t seen before.

Review the concepts to keep it current.

Practical Guide to Teach Print Concepts


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