Tips for Reading with Toddlers

Reading with Toddlers Every Day Collect Books to have at home Now is the time to collect books for reading at home with your toddler!  Make sure you check out children’s books from your local library.  Also, libraries often have scheduled story times for toddlers with their caregivers.  This is an enjoyable and interactive way • Read More »

Toddlers Learn Letter Names

Toddlers can learn letter names Hear the names of letters Is your toddler ready to learn letter names?  First, make sure your toddler has heard the names of the letters in the alphabet.  You can easily do this by singing the alphabet song to them.  Also, toddlers can hear the abc’s on preschool tv programs, • Read More »

Ways to Make Sure Your Toddler Learns to Listen

Teach Your Toddler to Listen Your toddler can learn to listen You should take every opportunity to talk to your child!  The conversation may feel one sided but rest assured your toddler is taking in everything you say.  Have fun conversations throughout the day.  Talk about the food you prepare, the clothes you choose, the • Read More »

Time for Your Toddler to Follow Directions

Toddlers Can Learn to Follow Directions Be Specific Your baby is now a toddler!  This is a perfect time to practice giving directions.What a fun time for exploring the world around them.    Your toddler will be excited to respond to your requests. Remember to be very clear and specific so your toddler will understand • Read More »

Effective Ways to Teach ABC’s

Learning ABC’s Interest your toddler in learning letters The first step is to interest your toddler in learning their abc’s.  Don’t be surprised if your child resists at first.  The trick is to make it fun!  Read aloud ABC books and point out the letters.  Be sure to discuss the letter names and sounds.  ABC • Read More »

Super Tips to Read Environmental Print with Preschoolers

How to Read Environmental Print  Reading Environmental Print with Preschoolers The most often overlooked way of learning to read is environmental print. Books are not the only way that preschoolers learn to read. Scores of early reading experiences happen before school starts.  Environmental print is familiar signs that a child recognizes in their life.  Even • Read More »

Ideas to Acquire Fine Motor Skills

Develop Fine Motor Skills for Writing  Create Opportunities to Develop Fine Motor Skills When your preschoolers have developed gross-motor skills they are ready to work on fine motor skills. They need lots of opportunities to use their hands and fingers. The more often they grip a marker, pencil, or scissors, the better. Merging these activities into • Read More »

Best Ways To Check Print Concepts

Checking Print Concepts With Your Preschooler Once you have practiced print concepts with your preschooler you are ready to check what they have learned. Instead of doing self-talk, ask them what to do next.  Say:  “Now where is the front of the book?” to see what they remember. If they can do most of these • Read More »

Benefits of Storytelling with your Preschooler

Storytelling with your preschooler Beginning Storytelling Storytelling is an age-old experience handed down through generations. It is a great way to introduce beginning reading with preschoolers. In the beginning, storytelling does not have to include books.  At first, just tell stories that you have heard when you were a little child.  If they include members • Read More »

Ways to Develop Gross Motor Skills

Emerging Gross Motor Skills in Preschoolers  Gross Motor Skills in 4-5 Year Olds Emerging gross motor skills are not present in all children when they enter school.  If your child does not have well-developed gross-motor skills then this blog is valuable for you! Why?  Slow gross motor skills are an early warning sign that problems • Read More »