Best Practices to Connect Art and Writing with Baby

Connect Art with Writing for your Baby

First of all, early writing activities with baby are connected to art.  You can expand their artistic expression by adding different mediums like finger painting or 3-dimensional play dough creations.  What does this do for your baby? It allows them to create better and better small muscle and fine-motor control with their hands.

Finger Painting

Furthermore, writing with your finger using paint is really an early literacy technique. Finger painting is a great activity that helps your baby develop eye-hand coordination and beginning fine-motor control. Provide some non-toxic paints and begin by showing your baby how to use the paint to make drawings.

art finger paint handprints

Handprints are always fun!

Also, you can make dots, scribbles, lines, and squiggles at first and talk about what you are drawing as you work.  Very soon, your baby will begin to imitate you in these activities. These early art works can be celebrated by placing them on the refrigerator for the whole family to admire.  As a result your baby will learn very early on that special writing and drawings get special attention from you!

Play Dough Creations

Creating 3-dimensional play dough forms provide fun for you and your baby to create familiar objects. Make objects that are recognizable to your baby…their favorite rattle…the family dog. Naming the creations that signify things they know is fun.  Also, working the dough helps muscle strength in their little fingers. This will help develop the strength they will need when they begin to use a pencil.

art play dough

Squishy, squishy play dough.

In addition, just rolling the dough into long strips can be used to create outlines of their bedroom. You can then make items in their room…their crib, their rug, their rocking chair. As you make the items you can name them. Most of all they will be fascinated by your creations and want to join in the fun. Finally, the best thing about this is that the material is available in your pantry!


It’s Your Turn:


  • Use non-toxic paint
  • Choose basic colors
  • Start with simple marks and scribbles
  • Talk as you develop your drawing

Play-dough creations

  • Use home-made dough
  • Create objects they know
  • Name the objects
  • Expand the objects to represent their world

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