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Anyone Teach is a website/online store that provides instructional materials for English Language Learners.  Available for purchase is The English Language Learners Continuum  to plan instruction and lesson plans and activities.  The continuum and lesson Plans focus on ELL language proficiency levels, grade levels, and concentrate on listening, speaking, reading or writing! 


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The English Learners Language Continuum

By Karen Caldwell & Jill Henning

Instruction is based on language proficiency scores from ACCESS testing, or other language assessments, and WIDA English Language Development Standards.  The English Learners Language Continuum is used to provide focus for instruction for previous, current, and subsequent language proficiency levels

Lesson Plans And Activities

For ELL Students in


lesson Plans and activities are based on   

 Grade Levels & English language proficiency Levels

  Preview Lessons Below

Based on language from the english learners language continuum      

My Alphabet Listening
Listening Lesson Plan Sample


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 5.17.52 PM
Speaking Lesson Plan Sample


Untitled 3
Reading Lesson Plan Sample



ABC Writing
Writing Lesson Plan Sample


No matter what your students home language these lessons will move them along a continuum to

improve their achievement in English!


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 Teachers Engage elementary children in:

  literacy development through:

Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing